Robert G. "Sam" Bartlett
Electrical Engineer
44 Ashfield Road Shelburne Falls, MA 01370

As a consultant, I take on new work that is either short-term full-time, or longer-term part-time, off site.  Due to existing client relationships I will not accept full time employment or long-term contract work, nor will I accept work that must be performed primarily on-site.

For infra-red optic manufacturing company, designed, programmed and built  embedded computer controlled motor drivers for several  zoom systems.   Made modifications for, wrote diagnostic code and built IR-based gas analyzer, including sensors designed to receive Factory Mutual approval.

For optical instrument distributor, wrote Virtual Instrument for Electronic Autocollimators.  Designed and built measurement and control system for FEL laser with 30 kV isolation.  Designed and built video and e-beam control systems for FEL laser.  Designed and built lens cutting system.

For various Massachusetts railroads, performed railroad right-of-way vegetation management consulting, including presentations at public hearings.

A a principle in Deerfield Controls, developed and built an embedded computer controlled sluice gate for flow regulation.  Designed and built Doppler Ultrasonic flowmeter with embedded 16-bit processor and DSP chip.   Designed and built hydraulic test stand with real-time control via desktop computer  interface.  Wrote real-time control and signal processing algorithms for desktop, embedded  computer and DSP environments.  Built miscellaneous analog and digital interface circuits. Wrote and tested computer models for physics of gate operation. Wrote, applied for and was awarded patent for Level Control Gate.

For a company working in the radome and MEMs fields, designed and built Test Systems and High Voltage MEMs driver circuits.

For private inventor, developed and built electronics for a pressure and airflow based medical device.

MSEE (1984) University of Rochester (NY) Thesis -  "Controllability of Uncertain Systems"
Graduate Level EE Courses (1980-1981)  University of Vermont
BSEE (1980) University of Massachusetts

Electrotechnical Consultant (1997- present) Bartlett Technologies, Leyden  MA
Computer Science Teacher (1998) Northfield Mount Hermon School
Development Engineer (1984-1997) Deerfield Controls,  Shelburne Falls, MA

Assistant Professor in Engineering and Physics (1985-89) Greenfield (MA)  Community College
Teaching and Research Assistant (1982-1984) University of Rochester,   Rochester, NY
Product Engineer (1980-1981) IBM, Essex Jct VT

SIGNAL THEORY: Digital Signal Processing, Sampling, Spectral  Analysis,  Numerical Analysis
CIRCUIT DESIGN: Conception, Component Selection, Simulation, Breadboarding, Schematic Capture, Board Layout, Board Fabrication, Board Assembly, Procurement, Circuit Testing and Debugging.
CONTROL THEORY: Stability, controllability, real-time control
PROGRAMMING: Pascal (OOP), C/C++, embedded, x86 Assembly, DSP Assembly, LabVIEW, Spreadsheets
COMMUNICATIONS: Oral and written, proposals, grants, SBIR and patent application.
CAD: OrCAD, MathCAD, Protel
INTERFACING: RS232 links, 4-20mA loops, GPIB, printer port, X10, pressure, flow, position, temperature, A/D and D/A, fiber optic, motor control

School Committee, Pioneer Valley Regional School District 1996-2000
Board of directors Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum  1996-present
President and Superintendent of Operations - Shelburne Falls Trolley Museum 2000-present

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